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Academic Manager
Edmonton, AB, Canada


The Academic Manager is primarily responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating the College curriculum. The Academic Manager has a critical role to play in academic quality assurance and in maintaining the integrity and quality of the College programming. The Academic Manager reports to the College Director. Duties are as follows:
Curriculum Development Work (60%)
  • Research, develop, implement and evaluate the College curriculum.
  • Research, develop and implement an outcomes-based curriculum framework to guide current and future curriculum work.
  • Develop curriculum templates as required.
  • Research, develop, implement, and coordinate program proposals in collaboration with the College Director.
  • Research, develop and implement a program review cycle in support of continuous improvement.
  • Collect evaluation data on instruction and curriculum and implement changes as necessary.
  • Rebrand and format curriculum materials for consistency as required.
  • Advise and support subject matter experts in developing program curriculum and course content.
  • Support the College Director in program accreditation and licensure processes.
Coordination of Educational offerings (20%)
  • Determine instructional needs and assist in the hiring and onboarding of new instructors.
  • Coordinate program offerings and program schedules in collaboration with Campus Managers.
  • Research and develop teaching and exam resources/materials in various formats.
  • Research and develop learning materials as required.
Instruction Support (15%)
  • Support instructors to ensure smooth delivery of classes and curriculum.
  • Collaborate with instructors to build academic continuity of programs across all campuses.
  • Assist instructors in developing and utilizing sound classroom management skills.
  • Support the professional development of instructors.
  • Cover for instructors in class when needed (teaching or exam proctoring).
  • Participate in faculty/student orientation.
Administrative and other Duties (5%)
  • Number of programs developed per year
  • Number of programs licensed per year
  • Number of programs assessed and re-developed per year
  • Number of instructors onboarded per year
  • Number of instructors evaluated per year
  • Number of professional development events and activities per year for instructors


$55,000.00 - $60,000.00

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